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About the company
M-Engineering together with ACO Actuator Control GmbH and ArMAW Armaturen GmbH is an international industrial group of valves design and manufacturing.

We create control valves, butterfly valves and valves for individual customer requirements.

We cooperate with manufacturers of valves in terms of engineering and expanding the product line.

We carry out the production and repair of pneumatic actuators, repair of power equipment for thermal power plants.

We implement joint projects with colleagues for operational support of the end user.

  • Designing
    Development of drawings according to the Customer's terms of reference.

    Production support.

    Cost calculation.

    Creating a component database.
  • Support of EAC TR CU certification
    We will develop the documents.

    We will produce prototypes together with the Customer.

    We will accompany the certification process from the Customer's application to the finished certificate.
  • Equipment repair
    Valves: defection, disassembly, cleaning, reverse engineering and manufacturing (restoration) of parts, testing, pre-sale preparation.

    Pneumatic actuators: defection, replacement of attachments, replacement of lubricants, parts, seals, assembly, testing, pre-sale preparation.

    The main equipment of thermal power plants: turbines, pumps, compressors.
Control globe and angle valves
They are applied to almost any media (liquids and gases) for technological and power plants.
Three-way control valves
Plunger valves
Special control valves for power plants
Mixing and separating flow valves with various actuators.
Control valves with axial flow. They have found excellent use as bypasses of hydro turbines at hydroelectric power plants. And also as control valves on gas pipelines with high mass flow.
The most modern and technological valves working as a bypass steam turbine and reduction and cooling valves at power plants.
Control valves
Protective valves
Check axial valves
They serve to protect pipelines from the backflow of the medium. Due to the axial design, they have low hydraulic resistance.
Сheck valves
They are a flap to protect pipelines from the backflow of the medium. The body is welded.

Shut-off valves
Butterfly valves
The designs are the most modern and technological rotary disc valves with four eccentricities.
Segment valves
Three-eccentric segment valve with full passage in the open state.
Diaphragm pneumatic actuators
Actuators of exclusive design.They are installed on both shut-off and control valves. Many designs.
Independent online selection on the website:

Piston pneumatic actuators
Designed to control large DN valves with large forces or torques.
Many designs.

Our customers:
Why choose us
Partner support at all stages of product creation

Exclusive specialization

Transparency of relations with a business partner

A wide range of competencies

We have no competitors

20 years of experience in international

4-8 months creating a new produc

160 000 - models in the design database

Work experience for all industries, including nuclear and military-industrial complex

Import substitution
Pneumatic diaphragm actuators at pdf format
Control Valves catalogs at pdf format

+7 (812) 628-82-34

Russia, 195030, Saint-Petersburg
Kommuny str, 67, AI30010
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